Add Flare to Your Motorbike and Other Vehicles with Liquid Metals

Don’t you just love having a new car or motorbike? Remember that thrill you feel when you hit the road with your new vehicle and how you loved to show it off? Sadly, we can’t make our cars or motorbikes new again, but the good news is, you can definitely add flare to it with liquid metals. With liquid metals and creativity, you can hit the road with that same level of pride that you felt when your motorbike or car was still new!
Why apply Liquid Metals on Vehicles?
  1. Liquid metal provides emphasis to your vehicle’s features 
Instead of coating your whole motorbike or car with liquid metals, you may opt to choose a specific feature to highlight or decorate. This will help emphasize your motorbike’s features such as shown in the picture above. Try choosing tones like gold, silver, and brass for a classic, rustic feel that will make everyone’s head turn.
  1. Liquid metal is an elegant, cost-effective way to add glamour to your vehicle
Adding a coat of liquid metal to your motorbike does not cost as much as total remodelling. Plus, it is a surefire way to add personality to your vehicle and you can experiment with different textures and colours.
  1. Liquid metal coatings are durable and easy to maintain
LIQMET liquid metal coats can last up to 30 years. Because liquid metal coatings are prepared from real metals, it also exhibits its durability. Based on our tests, there was no visible change in liquid metal’s appearance, adhesion, and colour even under changing weather conditions. Liquid metal-coated car or motorbike is also easy to clean as it has a smooth and glossy surface. 
  1. Lots of colours to choose from
Not a fan of rustic colours? No worries! There are liquid metals available in shades of blue, green and more. At LIQMET, we offer 16 metal tones to choose from. We’re sure one or more of our shades will complement your taste or colour preferences. Plus, our line of liquid metal coatings is suitable for almost any substrate.
  What are you waiting for? Add flare to your motorbike or car with liquid metal coatings. Order your own LIQMET liquid metal today! We deliver worldwide (except Bahrain). 

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We can also help you find a registered applicator world-wide to help you achieve the metal finish you’re aiming for. Contact us today or click here.

DIY Project Ideas with LIQMET Liquid Metals

The pandemic forced us to stay in our homes, and consequently, pick up new hobbies that kept us occupied. Some have discovered their hidden cooking talent, some got into gaming, while there are some who enrolled themselves into courses related to their field of interest. If you’ll classify yourself as someone who is artistic, you’ve probably picked up a brush, a paint, or a colouring book. For us at LIQMET liquid metals, we didn’t stop exploring the bounds of liquid metals, it’s use, and more over the past year! We love every bit of it and it helped unleash our creativity. So whether you’re an artist or someone who just enjoys art, we know you’ll love it as much as we do. Why not try to pick up some sample pots of liquid metals and try your hand at it? Who knows, you might just be able to come up with a new masterpiece. If you’re still on the fence about it, here are some DIY ideas.  Metal Sign and Decorative Pieces Custom made decorative signages are getting more popular these days in home design. Decorative wall art signage gives a modern yet rustic atmosphere. It’s stylish and upbeat but retains a homey feel, making it an excellent addition to interior design.
Beautiful, right? To create something like this, you only need a medium density fibreboard or any substrate really! Pick a design, and have fun with LIQMET colours and viscosity. For a more step by step guide, watch this video that we’ve prepared.
Pewter Door Ready to add a rustic, classy feel into your home and even shop? Try using liquid metals to create a pewter door or knobs. While this project may take a while to allow for overnight drying of liquid metals, you will surely be delighted about your final product!  You don’t need a lot to make your own pewter front door. For a start, you can go for LIQMET Pewter Brush Viscosity and a regular paint brush. Make sure to cover the entire surface you want to work on with liquid metal of your choice. And don’t forget the edges! With your chosen brush viscosity, you can create any texture you want. For some inspiration, check out our Liquid Metal Finishes on Doors Once you’re done covering the surface with liquid metals and creating the texture you like, allow the surface to dry overnight. Then, using a 120 grit sandpaper, sand the surface in horizontal and vertical direction. Sand all the edges to give them a smooth finish. Clear the surface from dust and any residue to complete the project. Lastly, polish the surface to give it a metal shine and apply a clear coating for it to retain its current finish.
Sculptures Got a piece that you really love? Upgrade its look and make it timeless by coating it with liquid metals. The steps are simple and almost similar to applying coatings on a pewter food that we’ve discussed here earlier. For more inspiration, you can also check out this page.
Jewellery What we love about liquid metals is, it can be applied to any surface, including your jewellery! Yes, you read that right! If you’re overwhelmed with big projects we mentioned earlier, you can start small and apply liquid metal coatings to some trinkets or pieces of jewellery. 
Join the club: Learn how to maximise liquid metals! Excited to explore liquid metals for your next project but still want to learn more? We’ve got you covered! Join our community of creative people and get access to basic courses on making metal finishes. Register here. Then, order your own LIQMET liquid metal today! We deliver worldwide (except Bahrain).   
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Tips in Using LIQMET Liquid Metal Coat for Garden Art and Sculpture

What comes to your mind when you hear garden statues and decorations? For me, it’s mushrooms and gnomes that used to creep me out when I was a child. But there are also some incredible garden decorations like a dolly with flowering plants, stone fountains, and some DIY from recyclable materials.

Garden art has evolved. Sculptures were traditionally constructed from cement and covered paint. Today, garden art is made from different base materials like acrylic, wood, and metal.

Types of Garden Art Base Material


Carved wood garden sculpture has been around since olden times. It used to be a part of religious activity, decoration, or an emblem of a family. Today, wood is rarely used as garden decoration due to its organic nature. Its primary opponent is moisture and water. Even when coated with varnish or paint, a wooden base is easily affected by varying weather.

Adding a coat of liquid metal is far better than using regular paint. A liquid metal coat provides maximum protection and can preserve the quality of the wood. The metallic colour will also enhance shine and texture by mixing two to three colours to accentuate each groove, points and curves


Vibrantly coloured garden ornaments made of plastic materials like shown above creates a hip and youthful vibe. It looks fantastic and fresh, perfect for a large area. However, acrylic garden décor has a short shelf life. Unlike wood, acrylic garden pieces are affected by heat and sunlight. The colour and shine will fade. Furthermore, depending on the type of plastic used, the change in weather will make the ornament brittle.


Your clay pots act as containers and decorations. You can paint them using vibrant colours to revitalise your garden. Bright coloured containers are great to use in neutral spaces. The different shades draw attention that somewhat mimics the presence of flowers, enhancing the green hue of the plant.

Custom made clay pots like the image above are available today. Functional and artistic, this piece will surely gather attention and impress your visitors. The brown coat translates into a natural and culture-based atmosphere.

Now Imagine this piece coated with gold-tone liquid metal. Applying a layer of LIQMET gold liquid metal will change its appearance to an Incan treasure piece! Can you see it? Now, where would you place a golden pot like this if you have it? Actually, it doesn’t matter where you place it; its remarkable appearance will shine wherever it may be!


Metal garden sculptures create a highly modern and crisp look. Present establishments and public areas prefer using stainless steel sculptures due to their durability and resistance to corrosion. Steel is easy to clean and only requires minimum maintenance.


Garden sculptures made from cement are enduring and durable that can withstand any type of weather. Although uncoated, cement garden art has its own charm. However, it looks bland and unappealing compared to painted ones. Looking at the above photos, you can see the difference in the appeal and the overall vibe created by the coat. The cherub with a white coat looks cute and traditional, while the metal-coated angel on the right displays an artistic and dramatic air.

Benefits of Garden Art

Whether you love hosting outdoor parties, inviting friends for a meal at home, or for personal advantage, adding a touch of liquid metal to your garden art will be beneficial no matter what. Here are some of its benefits:


Gardens sculptures are an excellent way to underline the house’s architecture, add colours and texture. Let’s say you have a clean and well-maintained lawn; adding a piece of garden art will highlight its pristine appearance as well as serve as a centrepiece, breaking the monotonous green colour. For a garden with flowering plants, including a sculpture will add to the story you are vibing.

The above image is an excellent example of how small garden art can accentuate and fill empty areas of your garden. What’s great about this decoration is that it displays a fun atmosphere and supports recycling. You can transform this using our aluminium liquid metal to make it more like a happy tin man.


Having a remarkable garden sculpture tells your visitor a story and sets their expectation on what’s inside. For example, metal art or sculpture sends a modern vibe, while wooden art translates to a country flair. Much like how themed home interiors can add personality into a living space, garden art can set an atmosphere. The above example displays a religious theme that sets a zen and calm mood.


Your front lawn Is the first thing your visitors see from afar. This sets their first impression, especially if it’s the first time that they come to visit you. Your chosen garden art gives visitors a peek of your personality. Looking at this cow garden art, what do you think the homeowner’s personality is? Are they playful, snub, artistic, or eccentric? Are they child–friendly or not?

Bottom Line

No matter what type of garden art you have, adding a layer of liquid metal coat can transform your garden’s mood and appeal to a more modern and lush space. If you’re adding new pieces of garden art, ensure that it enhances your garden and not outshine it. Always consider the size and colour before purchase, and if it fits the atmosphere you intend to produce.

Important note:

For outdoor application, remember to use additional polyurethane coating to seal the metal particles from oxidizing and protect them from corrosion and abrasions. This also provides extra shine, adding a water-proof surface. 

Upgrade your garden art with a layer of liquid metal coat! LIQMET liquid metal is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. UV and water-resistant, making LIQMET liquid metal a perfect coat for outdoor decorations for long-lasting beauty and shine. 

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Get sculpture inspirations

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Themed Home Interior Inspirations With LiquidMetal

Incorporating themed home interiors is a way to set your home apart from the typical modern homes designs. You can add your personal touch with themed rooms and decorative pieces. Each theme has critical elements that represent their individuality.  Metal is one element present in almost every interior design. It’s a good thing that we live in a high tech modern world that a regular vase can transform and appear like it’s made of silver metal just by adding a layer of liquid metal coat. Can you imagine the cost of having a decorative vase cast using real silver or gold? I’ll have to hide it inside a vault! Using LIQMET’s liquid metal coat is a perfect alternative to achieve the glam of precious metals incorporated in some home decorations. With this said, let’s move on to some themed home interiors ideas using pieces of metal accent.


Industrial home design is gaining more popularity, especially in the bachelors of today. The modern industrial home interior exhibits a rustic and unfinished look that is seen as practical and current. Typical features of this model are exposed pipes, beams and wires. We recommend using dark-coloured metal coats like bronze, brass and copper for exposed pipes to add a little glitz and character. To brighten up the ceiling, use drop lamps coated with gold, pewter or chrome.  Steampunk interior design takes industrial interiors to a new level. Based on a fantasy world during the industrial era, steampunk has a distinctive appeal that only a steampunk genre enthusiast will appreciate. Steampunk embodies a retro-futuristic appearance. Imagine you are living at the time the steam engine was invented. Seeing the mechanisms behind such an invention would also blow your mind! To have a clearer view of steampunk-themed interiors, let’s look at the image below.
Don’t worry if you aren’t prepared for extensive renovations. You can still introduce the steampunk vibe into your home by adding decorative objects from the Victorian and industrial eras. If you have a ceiling fan installed, you can coat the blades with copper or brass with a brushed surface to complete ana timeworn look taking you back to the industrial era. For DIY enthusiasts, there are various decorative inspirations online you can use. Some materials you need are tubes, gears, and wires. Adding metallic studs on leather pieces like sofas or drawers will definitely bring that vintage flair.
Brass Steam train

Art Deco

Art deco theme home interior remains to be one of the favourite classic interior themes. The 1920s Art deco expresses a bold and artistic air featuring geometric shapes, using steel and gold furniture. Art deco interior design started in the golden industrial age that transcended into the great depression. This embodies luxury despite the economic struggles. Mirrors, rich leather and metal tone such as gold, silver, and chrome were abundant in home interiors. Nothing says extravagant than using these materials. Don’t be afraid to bring out the artist in you and mix metallic shades like silver and gold. This combination complements your fine wooden furniture crafted from mahogany or ebony. You can also add a touch of gold to your dark table or countertops to create a marbled look. Don’t forget to use warm lighting. This will set a sophisticated and relaxed ambience.


White, grey, stainless steel, nickel, chrome, sleek and clean finish, this is basically what contemporary interior design represents. The modern interior design theme has a crisp and deluxe ambience. Having a minimalist design, the pieces of furniture used are practical and decorative. A classic example is a metallic coloured coffee table. It functions and serves as the living room highlight.


What better way to highlight over the top and luxurious Hollywood glam than by using liquid metal? The shinier, glitzier your accent wall or furniture, the better. When we think of Hollywood glam, grand chandeliers and gilded mirrors automatically come to mind. Hollywood glam is dubbed as the golden age. This model embraces a mix of the luxurious era of art deco, neoclassical to midcentury. However, the extravagance of Hollywood interior design has toned down a bit. In today’s modern trend, gold and silver are used in a high fashion and elegant way.  Note that there is a tendency to tip a high glam to tacky due to the grandiose and over the top flair displayed in Hollywood glam. Here are some tips to consider. Stick to classic colours and only use liquid metal coats on decorative accents. Incorporating patterned fabrics on floorings like black and white checkered pattern, animal prints, or trellis designs is also unique to a Hollywood glam interior design.

Asian Inspired/Oriental Design

Asian inspired interiors are dramatic and culture-based. Oriental design highlights countries such as Japan, China, Thailand and other popular Asian countries. One of the most popular Asian inspired interiors is Feng Sui. Feng Shui is part of Chinese culture that serves as a guideline to harness balance and good fortune with the correct placement of objects and charms. Red, green and gold are the most popular colours that represent wealth, peace and luck. Chinese zodiacs, Gods and mythological beasts are to counter negative energies Contrary to the grand and vibrantly coloured Chinese Feng Shui interior, Japanese inspired interiors highlight a clean-lined, simple and minimalist design. Natural and zen embodies a Japanese inspired theme that features bamboo and stones. Sakura flowers and pottery are also unique to this country.
Platinum Sculpture

Bottom Line

Introducing a theme in your home interior is a way to express your personality and make your living space more enjoyable. Sometimes, it’s all in the ambience that can set your mood day in and day out. Adding a touch of a LIQMET liquid metal coat is an excellent way to enhance any theme. Using liquid metal is the practical choice for home makeovers and restoration. Why purchase a new one if you can easily recreate what you have just by adding a new layer of metal coat?
Order your own LIQMET liquid metal today! We deliver worldwide (except Bahrain). You can find our distributor if you live in Australia, Germany or New Zealand.  
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Add Drama to Your Space with Textured Liquid Metal Coating

When we think of adding drama into space, colour is the first thing that comes to mind. You may also think of adding decorative pieces like a colourful throw pillow, warm lighting etc. However, with limited space, adding something takes valuable space that makes the room look small and cramped. It’s a good thing that there’s another effective way to liven up a room without taking floor space, and that is with a textured wall or, better yet, by adding liquid metal coating with a textured finish.

Benefits of a Textured Liquid Metal Coating Finish

  1. Using textured liquid metal walls is an effective way to add dimension and drama into any space, whether it’s a room, a hallway or even on the exterior of buildings.
  2. Textured walls emphasized by a coat of liquid metal serves as an optical illusion bringing a 3D perspective for people to focus on. This is suitable to incorporate on waiting and living rooms or entrance to give that wow factor, greeting your visitors and setting an exciting feel.
  3. Adding texture on walls is a common technique to hide imperfections.
  4. Textured surfaces have shadows that create a mysterious and eccentric vibe. It gives a free-spirited message setting your home apart from the typical flat walls on new houses.
  5. Creating a textured surface using liquid metal is easy. You can also use essential tools like paintbrush, rollers, and spatula

Ways to Add Texture Using Liquid Metals

There are two ways to add liquid metal to your walls to elevate their look.

  1. Adding liquid metal coating on existing textured walls

Some of you may already have a textured wall that, for some reason, still looks dull and uninteresting. You can cover a large area using a spray gun for fine coverage. This ensures that every groove is coated, however small it may be.

Using a paint roller is ideal if you are targeting to highlight embossed surfaces. You can achieve this by lightly rolling the brush in, leaving the cavities untreated.

  1. Adding liquid metal coating on flat and even walls

You can add textures on your wall using our brush viscosity and different tools such as:

  1. Stipple brush

This is not the tiny stipple brush we use on makeup to get that natural airbrushed look. A stipple brush is a larger brush used to create a stippled surface. The depth and texture depend on the hardness of the bristles and the pressure you apply. You can obtain deeper indents with stiff bristles creating tiny visible round hollows forming a rugged appearance. A soft-bristled brush with light pressure will produce a leather-like grain for a more elegant finish.

You can also use a regular paintbrush for small spaces, but if you plan to upgrade a whole wall, having a stipple brush will come in handy.

  1. Paint roller

Paint rollers are available in plain or patterned variants. A simple roller can leave an antique texture characterised by random circular dents with an elongated vein-like feature. You can also use creased plastic to create a random antique design.

  1. Trowel

You can do various patterns using your trusty trowel. The most common surface using a trowel is a skip trowel texture. This type of wall texturing is popular among high-end homes for its Mediterranean vibe. Its elegant appearance is similar to a stucco finish. This is achieved by manually applying the paint using a trowel or a spatula.

Another type of trowel is called a V-notch trowel. This is used to create comb and fan wall designs. A comb pattern is like a stripe design created by scraping the top of the paint, leaving indented channels. Fan patterns are done by moving the trowel in a half-circular motion creating an open fan design.

  1. Sponge

To create a fine to rough orange peel texture, you can use a sponge. Orange peel is also called eggshell; this is commonly used in place of a smooth finish due to its subtle textured surface that is advantageous in concealing wall imperfections. Its neutral and minimalist character makes it easy to pair with any decorative styles.

  1. Paint sprayer

You can create an orange peel, popcorn and a knockdown finish by using a sprayer. Just adjust the spray to fine to get small dots for an orange peel texture. A medium spray will give you a popcorn design. A coarse setting will spray bigger blobs, which you can flatten and spread with a scraper or a spatula.

  1. Paintbrush

The fine bristles of the paintbrush create a subtle chic design making it suitable for home and business structures. You can incorporate soft elegance into a room by adding liquid metal swirl patterns on panelled walls. Use darker tones for a formal atmosphere for office spaces. Add lighter tones like gold or platinum in the borders for additional oomph factor suitable for headboard panels of bedrooms.

Final Thought

Textures can transform a room from boring to remarkable by adding an artistic flair to your wall. Creating texture is mainly based on creativity. Explore your creative side and make unique prints the way you like them.

Elevate the depth and character of your space with a coat of LIQMET liquid metal. Use LIQMET’s brush viscosity to manually play and create patterns. Its thick viscosity makes it an excellent base to form designs and indents, perfect for DIY projects to upscale your home. Order your sample pots to start your own DIY project, and have fun upscaling your home today.

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Contemporary Decorative Wall Art Home Design Ideas with Liquid Metal Coatings

I was browsing through Instagram when an image of decorative wall art grabbed my attention. It was simply made of a bronze wire, patterned with three hollow birds perched on a branch (I assume). The metal wall art was placed against a plain white wall just on top of an entryway table. It gave the section a sleek and fresh contemporary appeal. This made me realise we don’t need bulky decorative pieces to enhance a room. A space-saving and straightforward contemporary wall art will do the trick.

A contemporary wall art equates to a modern, neutral, and minimalist type of designs, popular with the younger generation. Contemporary decorative wall arts are suitable for offices, commercial spaces, apartments, and homes. Because less is more is the mantra for modern interior design, it is a must that every decorative wall art stands out.

To help you spruce up your home, here are some contemporary decorative wall art ideas you can replicate with the use of liquid metals.

1. Sunburst Mirror

Sunburst Mirror

You can find a sunburst mirror accent in every interior home store. These are usually offered with a metal or wooden frame. If you already have this at home, add a personal touch and make it stand out by spraying LIQMET antique brass, bronze or gold metal coating. The metallic shimmer alone will accentuate each curve and points, complementing a clear central mirror. You can place this above your entryway table so you can check your appearance as you go out.

2. Starbursts

Starburst decorative wall accent is ideal as a living room backdrop or on a featured wall. These are round with a spray of pointed wires. You can use our smoked chrome, bronze, or platinum metal coating for a tasteful and classy vibe.

3. Panelled Wall Art Design

Panelled wall art is a type of wall decoration you can replicate using your imagination and artistry. The patterns you can create will be one of a kind, making it ideal as a highpoint on your featured wall at home or office. This type of wall art is so hot right now that you can easily make money out of it. You can use two to three soft metal combinations such as platinum, gold, rose, or brass, combined with deeper tones like antique bronze, copper, brass, or iron to add impact and highlight precision strokes. The refinement of the liquid metal alone, together with your creativity, will undoubtedly result in a work of art.

4. Vanity Wall Light

Get your trusty wall light a makeover it deserves with a coat of liquid metal. It is ideal to use a spray gun for these pieces to cover every nook and cranny, giving a professionally completed look. Use our graphite or smoked chrome variants for more masculine flair or rose or platinum shades for a softer appearance. Pair these with warm light to complete a homey and hotel-like ambience.

5. Abstract Circles

Abstract Circles

Here is another decorative wall art you can replicate using wires, mirrors, or capiz/mother of pearl shells you can find in home depots and DIY arts and crafts stores. Unlike the edgy starburst wall décor, abstract circular wall arts provide a soft and playful appearance brought by curvy vires and rounded ends. This is best suitable to place against a soft beige background. The wires must be sprayed with darker metal coating variants to emphasize the myriad of colours and gloss of shell accent.

6. Wire Wall Art

Wire wall arts are so simple that you can place them on any wall surfaces. Wires are also readily available and easy to manoeuvre that anyone can play and create something out of it. You can make almost any from using wires. One popular wire art you can create is a flower or a set of flowers you can place on corner walls near the bookshelf or windows. These are perfect for your daughter’s rooms giving it a feminine touch without taking too much space.

7. Leaf Frames

Leaf and trees are another famous wall accent to give a touch of nature inside your home. Some leafy materials you can use are old Christmas decorations, or you can make one by drying leaves and delicately removing dried surfaces, leaving only their veins. Spray them with a liquid metal coat to make them sturdier in form. You can arrange them creatively inside a hollow frame made of thicker wires or metal tubes coated with dark metal tones. You can use gold, pewter, or silver alternately for the leaves or have a single colour of brass for sophisticated elegance.

8. Plant Frame wall Décor

For plant lovers, add a touch of metal and hang your decorative plants on your wall for a stylish, functional, quirky way to flaunt your love for plants. This design saves you valuable floor space, while the metallic touch gives a neat and luxurious flair to complement the greens.

9. Decorative Wall Shelf

Decorative wall shelves are examples of functional wall art; you can upgrade your wooden wall shelves just by adding a metallic shade. Smoked chrome is a sought after colour to hide dust that may accumulate over time. Its smooth satin finish makes it easy to clean with a duster or a soft cloth.

Final Word

Wall arts are excellent decorations to give personality to a room. It can serve as a functional or purely decorative nature. Whatever type of wall art you choose, the most important thing to note is to choose pieces that blend.

Beautifully replicate these styles by adding a touch of liquid metal. You can create these from scratch, or you can upgrade your current decorative wall arts with a coat of LIQMET. We offer 16 varieties of metal colours to satisfy your taste, from soft rose alloy to sleek dark graphite. We also have our famous Tahiti green and aqua alloy if you are looking for a playful and youthful vibe.


How to Use Wall Finishes to Create a Unique Ambiance

Today, we’d like to share some ideas for using LIQMET® liquid metals in interior design for professional interior designers, business owners, applicators and homeowners. The key to an effective interior design is harmony and balance. An empty wall can be as effective as a wall with pictures. This looks neat and creates an illusion of space.
Wall finishes are a crucial factor in interior design as they can enhance and create a specific ambience. Liquid metal on walls adds an X-factor and exudes a timeless class. In fact, a liquid metal-coated wall is an art itself that does not need any additional wall décor. They are perfect for hallways to lessen maintenance tasks such as dusting and cleaning. On the other hand, hanging wall arts gather clouds of dust and are somewhat cluttering to look at when not used right.
Liquid metals added to wall décor results in a distinctive elegance, especially when applied to decorative plasters, accent decor on cement and Venetian plasters. Below are some of the best examples of such applications courtesy of our distributor in Germany. These guys have been with us since 2005 and tried all possible uses of liquid metals. They have applied liquid metal on walls of luxurious homes and in commercial establishments.
The high adhesive property of LIQMET® also allows its use in areas with a high amount of traffic. Just take a look at these three projects done by our German partners. They love to use our brush viscosity and apply it with a trowel.
LIQMET® liquid metals are suitable to apply on substrates like gyprock, medium density fibreboard (MDF), plywood, Fibro Cement etc. Our products are ideal for homeowners, DIY enthusiasts and professionals. You don’t need any complicated or expensive equipment and tools. A regular paint brush and trowel will do an excellent job in adding a texture to the surface. You can also use any tools used in Venetian plastering. Try to experiment with LIQMET® viscosities to create textures.
The best finishes from the LIQMET range are Modern (flawless and glossy), Sublime (unblemished and smooth matte surface), Alternative (patterned), Old Cast (antique) and Volcano (rustic with a smooth appearance). These finishes are easy to make on a vertical surface using simple tools like a brush, a trowel or a roller.
To further understand the type of metal finishes you can create with LIQMET®, we’d like to invite you to our upcoming 2-day face-to-face training. This training is for you if:
  1. You want to provide a better service than your competitor;
  2. You want to improve your knowledge of the types of metal finishes;
  3. You have no idea or still in doubt about using liquid metals; and,
  4. You want to fast track your knowledge and skills armed with relevant information we have gathered within our 20 years in the industry.
Stop hesitating and let your creativity flow. Attend our FREE training and start creating with LIQMET® liquid metals.

Spring Renovation Inspirations

Spring, spring, spring is calling! And with that, Easter is coming! Chat all chicks and rabbits around. Don’t you just love the fresh breeze, sunshine and festivities that go with it? Easter is one of the most important celebrations for Christians. It marks the resurrection of Jesus. But apart from religious celebrations, the Easter holidays are the best time for spring cleaning and renovation, taking advantage of the great weather and deals on supplies.
To help you jumpstart your spring renovations, we present today’s inspiration: a fabulous stainless steel kitchen setup. A stainless kitchen design is the ultimate practical setup for commercial and home kitchens for its functionality and professional vibe. It is best for kitchens because it is easy to maintain and resistant to rust. Note that the steel part of this kitchen is the stove, countertop and wall shelves. You can identify these with its mirror-like end polish.
You can see how the matte platinum painted wooden cabinets accentuate the mirror-like polished steel countertop, giving that cohesive modern look. You can also use chrome liquid metal that offers a darker steel-like tone. Actually, a hint of gold or brass on handles and knobs can upgrade this look to another level. So how about it? What do you think about some semi-precious metal in your kitchen? We really adore this idea not because we sell liquid metal but because it’s simply gorgeous and stylish! Moreover, purchasing a complete customised kitchen counter with cabinets made from 316L stainless steel is costly.
Here is another angle on this modern kitchen which is located in a very expensive flat in Sydney with a fantastic view of the Sydney harbour.
At this angle, you can appreciate the matte satin polished platinum-coated fridge doors. And having said that, all the cabinet’s doors, kickboards and internal door were also coated with platinum. Can you see how it softly reflects the light, giving a cosy and warm atmosphere?
All these stunning items are made from Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) and prepared for liquid metal application. It’s easy to do at a much affordable price than buying a steel door. You can use a spray painter together with our spray viscosity for a seamless finish. You can also use a regular paintbrush or trowel if you do not have one, but remember to use our brush viscosity for these tools. This will provide a more textured surface, which gives more personality. You can also create an antique look by ageing the surface. Oh, antique, even the word sounds so posh already.
If you are inspired by these images, start working on your project now. Let us help you start with your kitchen and home upgrades. Avail our sample pots today.

Use of Decorative Liquid Metal Coatings in Venetian Plastering

It’s chilly weather today, with light rain tattering on my roof. As I sip my coffee, I can’t help but reminisce about the time I spent in Italy. Italy is an embodiment of arts and culture. Did you know that Italy has 55 UNESCO heritage sites? You can literally travel from one heritage site to the other and experience their rich history and tradition. They are primarily known for their food and remarkable architecture. One of their iconic marks is the Venetian plaster seen all over their cathedral and Palazzos.
Venetian Plasters
Venetian plasters are also known as Italian stucco or Italian decorative veneer—a putty made from fired limestone, mixed with marble, quartz or kaolin. Lime plasters were applied on the ceiling or walls and were used in ancient Roman times.
Types of Venetian Pla sters
Stucco Veneziano Here is a type of Venetian plaster that does not contain any sand. This can be polished to matte or mirror-like sheen typically compared to marble. Marmorino Marmorino finish is a type of stucco developed in the 15th century to replicate marble. Back then, Venetian plaster was used on buildings in place of marble to keep it light. – Marmorino Fine Marmorino fine produces a thin coat containing fine sand particles. This is suitable with a matte to medium end-polished to enhance colour flow. – Marmorino Gross Likewise, a thin layer consisting of thicker sand particles. Marmorino Gross is suitable for creating textured surfaces like diagonal, linear, or cracking lines, producing a highly impactful effect. Traventino Traventino is a type of Italian stucco that produces the thickest plaster containing the largest sand particles. These are typically used outdoors for their durability.
Liquid Metal Effect on Venetian Plasters
– Highlights silhouettes Adding a liquid metal coat highlights every contour and fine lines, adding a three-dimensional effect. – WOW factor Using Venetian plasters is the oldest method to transform flat ceilings and walls to appear as natural stones. This vintage look is having a big comeback in contemporary homes today, particularly on ceilings. This adds colour and subtle patterns, automatically upgrading the essence of the room even with minimal furniture pieces. – High-Class Metals have their unique way of making everyday objects appear glamorous. It’s been embedded in our minds that metals are equal to wealth. The notion may have originated from precious metals being used as currencies in the past up to the present. Aside from this, metallic colours were utilised in affluent family’s homes, as depicted in some royal houses. -Metal ore Applying liquid metals gives a metal ore effect, resulting in a bold appearance. -Baroque or Rococo Interior Design Adding a liquid metal coat to Venetian plaster will bring you back to the lavish and luxurious feel of the Baroque Era—royalty from the 17th century, especially using gold tones. Use rose gold and pastel shades if you are going for Rococo style for a fancy yet not overly dramatic vibe.
How to Choose Liquid Metals and Types of Application
Choosing the right colour and consistency is vital in determining which variety of liquid metal to incorporate in your wall. Traditional Venetian plaster follows the shade of precious metals and gems. These are gold, ruby, emerald, topaz, jade, and amethyst. The viscosity to choose depends on the surface and the type of finish you want to achieve. Liquid Metal Viscosities To achieve your desired look, you must know which viscosity is apt for your project. LIQMET liquid metal is available in two types of viscosities. 1. Spray viscosity Spray viscosity has a similar consistency as regular paint. This makes it easier to apply with the use of a spray gun, suitable to use for a flawless finish. 2. Brush Viscosity Bush viscosity has almost the same consistency as a mashed potato. You can apply this with the use of a trowel, brush or spatula. This is suitable for creating textures and patterns. creating textures and patterns. You can apply a liquid metal coat over a textured base coat like black in replicating a Venetian plaster marbled look. This will highlight the marbled patterns. Adding a final topcoat and polishing will complete the mirror-like gleam of authentic marble comparable to using a real Italian stucco. Take Away Using liquid metal on Venetian plasters will upgrade its overall aesthetics. However, original Venetian plasters are costly, and not everyone has the financial capacity to incorporate such beauty into their homes. The good news is, you can still achieve a Venetian stucco look by applying liquid metal on a textured surface or just using some tools. It’s a practical and cost-effective way to beautify your walls and ceilings. Integrate a timeless vintage look in your home with the use of LIQMET liquid metal. Visit our site to learn more about our wide range of colours. We’ve prepared 0.55kg sample pots for all interested in trying out the LIQMET liquid metal. Discover LIQMET liquid metal today, and let us help you transform your vision into stunning metal arts. Follow us on social media for more updates and offers. Grab your sample pots HERE.

Decorative Liquid Metal Coating: The Innovative way to Achieve a Metallic Finish

The liquid metal coating is a system using cold sprayable or brushed liquid metal-containing almost 85% of real metal. A cold preparation allows its use on delicate substrates extending its usage from foam, fibreglass to stone, etc. The metal content is what sets a liquid metal coat from metallic paints. That’s 85 to 90% genuine metal in a flexible and ready to use form. It’s no wonder it effectively replicates the solid metal look. Liquid metal coats are easy to apply following a proper surface preparation to ensure a smooth and beautiful finish.
Surface Preparation
Proper surface preparation is a key factor in the success of liquid metal coatings. There are two things you need to organise prior to liquid metal applications. These include: 1. Correcting all surface imperfections like holes and dents with a primer, and; 2. Removing rust and existing paint (if any). Take note that correct surface preparation can affect the visual result and lifespan of your project.
Aesthetics To create a professional-looking kitchen, add a fresh metallic coat complementing your stainless steel appliances. This gives a clean looking culinary space that will inspire you to prepare flavorful gastronomic creations. Lifespan Following the correct surface preparation will extend your metals’ life for applying a coat is primarily based on beauty and protection. Let’s have a look at this vintage chandelier as an example. A new brass or bronze LIQMET liquid metal coat will upgrade its beauty back to the Edwardian Era. Removing its current paint together with any rust formation will save it from further degradation. Rust is produced when the iron content is exposed to water and oxygen. This is the primary source of metal degradation. If left unattended, a small site will continue to grow due to the continuous expansion of rusted metals breaking the coat beside it. So if you see any rust formation on any metal-based furniture, be sure to address it as soon as possible.
Uses of Liquid Metal Coat
A liquid metal coat can be applied on any surface for both indoor and outdoor use. These include:
  • automobile
  • signage
  • furniture
  • door
  • bathroom
  • feature walls and panels
  • kitchen
  • sculpture
Note that outdoor surfaces need a polyurethane coating. Polyurethane is a polymer-coated over liquid metal coats for added protection against water, heat and abrasion.

Advantages of Liquid Metal Coat

1. Cost A liquid metal coat replicates an authentic metallic look, making it more cost-effective than using a solid metal sheet. You can use the highly affordable MDF and transform it into a glamorous feel and look of a solid metal wall panel with just a single application. 2. Weight Liquid metal coats are lightweight. Each single spray application is around 0.8mm to 1.0mm thick. A 1mm thick metal sheet weighs around 7.8kg; using a theoretical steel weight chart and mild steel as a material. 3. Flawless Finish Fusing together metal sheets will always result in noticeable welding or soldering segments. Using LIQMET spray viscosity, you’ll achieve a seamless and flawless finish no matter how extensive the wall maybe without any hassle. 4. Flexibility variety of end finish A liquid metal coat gives you the freedom to apply to almost every surface. It will provide an excellent finish even on uneven surfaces like the trellis patterns on cupboards or the nooks and crannies of a sculpture. Using LIQMET brush viscosity, you’ll be able to create a textured surface using spatulas, rollers or brushes. 5. Freedom from sheet metal limitations Working with metals as decorative arts is challenging, as these are hard to manipulate. The only way to transform metals into detailed artworks with curves is by melting the metal and casting it into a mould. You can just imagine the cost that comes with the artwork. The practical solution to this challenge is using liquid metal coats on easy to manoeuvre substrates like polystyrene. Carve your chosen 3D sculpture design using polystyrene and layer it with a liquid metal coat to replicate a solid metal appearance. 6. Cold process A liquid metal coat is much more convenient and user friendly compared to its counterpart, powder coating. Powder metal coating involves a tedious process of first applying power to the substrate using electrostatic spray on an electrically grounded material. Curing comes next, where the substrate is placed in an oven melting the metal powder. Lastly, it is allowed to dry and harden. As you can see, powder coating is limited to small objects, requiring heat and machines. Heat is known to damage some base materials. On top of that, the metal substrate must be electrically grounded. Using non-metals needs a fluidized bed powder, which is another costly equipment to use.
Why Choose a Liquid Metal Coat?
Liquid metal coats are the most effective, cost-affordable, user-friendly way to achieve high-end metal surfaces, especially in lightweight constructions and interior designs. It’s like a transportable metal offered in different colours making the life of architects, designers and homeowners easier. Anyone can use it provided with some basic training to achieve optimal results. Know more about using LIQMET liquid metal and how it can upgrade your artworks to the next level. Join our series of online training, where we will share information about how to make metal textures, types of surfaces and preparations, viscosities and so much more! These are precious information we have gathered from our 20-year experience in the metal coating industry. That’s 20 years compiled into a series of training tailored to help you quickly understand liquid metals. Register here: