5 Stylish Bathroom Designs to Inspire Your Own

January 27th, 2022

Our bathrooms are one of the sacred places in our home and considered as a centre of well-being. We use it from energising morning showers to relaxing rituals after a long day. This is why creating a great environment in our bathrooms is important to make our personal time more calming, relaxing, and fun.  In your quest to turn your bathroom into something grander, we’ve collated some bathroom design ideas to help you plan and decorate your ideal bathroom, shower room, or en suite.    First things first: Set the mood Want to create a hotel-like ambiance in your home bathroom? Then take cue from this first stylish bathroom design idea. Use bronze liquid metal coatings for your sink to create a timeless look with additional sheen. Plus, add a warm-toned lighting which is believed to help us relax and wind down for the day, and get ready for rest.
You can also mix the design up by keeping your sink white. Then instead, coat the walls and floors with bronze or any other classic-coloured liquid metals. Don’t worry, liquid metals are durable and can be applied to any surface. Just look at the classic, stylish bathroom below.
Copper liquid metals can also be used to create the hotel-like classic look - just as shown in the photo of a tub below. And to add more detail, you may opt to place a fireplace near your tub.
Think plain is boring? Colours might help
If you’re the type who prefers individuality rather than having your bathroom look like any other hotel’s bathroom, then you might opt to add more colours and patterns. Just have a look at this kitchen sink with unique patterns and aluminium coating that looks like shiny blue-green.
Aside from your sink, you may also play with your tub and walls’ colours. Our sample below uses a clever colour combination that merges the classic bronze colour with more modern minimalist tones.
Your creativity is the limit With the right resources in your hand, you can do anything to beautify your bathroom. Take inspiration from the bathrooms featured above, and if you need more, visit this page. Then try to add a personal touch by following what you really want.   Add sparkle to your bathroom with liquid metals   What are you waiting for? Order LIQMET liquid metals today! We deliver worldwide (except Bahrain). We can also connect you to our registered applicators so you need not worry about liquid metal application.  

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