LIQMET colours and where to integrate them in your space

October 7th, 2021

Liquid Metal Colour can enhance the look and feel of any art project or space. Try throwing in some gold, pewter or silver into a space and see elegance and class unfold before your eyes. Alternatively, if you want to come up with something fun and easy on the eyes, then pastel colours are the way to go.  At LIQMET decorative liquid metals, we understand the importance of colours. That’s why we made sure that we have a wide range of colours for our liquid metals! Currently, we have 17 colours available in two viscosities, ready to be sprayed and ready to be brushed. But with all these colours conveniently available online, we also understand that it can get overwhelming, so we’ve decided to create this rundown of some of our colours for you.
Copper First off our list is copper. We’re so in love with copper liquid metal because it not only looks good but it also has antibacterial properties. Meaning, bacteria and viruses die on copper surfaces! The antibacterial properties of liquid copper have been known since the 19th century and they can be applied to different surfaces, such as door handles, taps, toilet seats, and kitchen doors and benchtops.  But although liquid copper metal can be applied to almost any surface, antique copper is best applied on featured walls, doors and even vintage vehicles. This rich brown colour with golden undertones will instantly give your masterpiece that classic, vintage look that everyone will love. 
Shop the copper metal coating here:
Pewter Just like copper liquid coating, pewter is a classic colour that you can use when you want to rock a vintage, classic look. Pewter is an ideal liquid metal paint for doors and knobs, fireplaces, vintage cars and motorcycles, and kitchen panels. And if you’re going for a modern, industrial bathroom, you can also use pewter metal coating for your bathtub.
Shop the pewter metal coating here:
Aqualloy If you’re a fan of blues and or pastel colours, fret not, there’s certainly a liquid metal coating for you! Try using liquid metals finishes in aqually colour for your garden art, sculptures, accent walls, and other decorative pieces. The blue tone of this liquid metal paints is pleasing to the eye and will help create a more relaxing ambience in your space.
Shop the Aqualloy metal coating here:
Tahiti Similar to aqualloy, tahiti is a metal coating colour that is easy on the eye and perfect for garden sculptures and other decorative pieces. Its green hue with gold undertone will surely give your space a natural, earthy feel.
Shop the Tahiti metal coating here:
Gold And of course, who would forget gold liquid metals coating? Gold is a precious metal and colour that will never go out of style. You can apply gold liquid metal on jewellery, kitchen knobs, sculptures, and more! It is also a good accent colour that you can use alongside graphite or other darker coloured metals.
Shop the gold liquid metal here:
So what’s your pick? This is not yet even half of all the colours LIQMET has to offer! Your imagination is the limit when it comes to using LIQMET liquid metals for your decorative pieces and interiors. But these colours should be a good starting point if ever you’re feeling overwhelmed about all the choices.    Still having a hard time choosing a liquid metal for you?   Order a sample of LIQMET liquid metal today! We deliver worldwide (except Bahrain).   

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