Tips in Using LIQMET Liquid Metal Coat for Garden Art and Sculpture

July 24th, 2021

What comes to your mind when you hear garden statues and decorations? For me, it’s mushrooms and gnomes that used to creep me out when I was a child. But there are also some incredible garden decorations like a dolly with flowering plants, stone fountains, and some DIY from recyclable materials. Garden art has evolved. Sculptures were traditionally constructed from cement and covered paint. Today, garden art is made from different base materials like acrylic, wood, and metal.

Types of Garden Art Base Material

Carved wood garden sculpture has been around since olden times. It used to be a part of religious activity, decoration, or an emblem of a family. Today, wood is rarely used as garden decoration due to its organic nature. Its primary opponent is moisture and water. Even when coated with varnish or paint, a wooden base is easily affected by varying weather. Adding a coat of liquid metal to the sculpture in the your garden is far better than using regular paint. A liquid metal coat provides maximum protection and can preserve the quality of the wood. The metallic colour will also enhance shine and texture by mixing two to three colours to accentuate each groove, points and curves
Vibrantly coloured garden ornaments made of plastic materials like shown above create a hip and youthful vibe. It looks fantastic and fresh, perfect for a large area. However, acrylic garden décor has a short shelf life. Unlike wood, acrylic garden pieces are affected by heat and sunlight. The colour and shine will fade. Furthermore, depending on the type of plastic used, the change in weather will make the ornament brittle.
Your clay pots act as containers and decorations. You can paint them using vibrant colours to revitalise your garden. Bright coloured containers are great to use in neutral spaces. The different shades draw attention that somewhat mimics the presence of flowers, enhancing the green hue of the plant. Custom made clay pots like the image above are available today. Functional and artistic, this piece will surely gather attention and impress your visitors. The brown coat translates into a natural and culture-based atmosphere. Now Imagine this piece coated with gold-tone liquid metal. Applying a layer of LIQMET gold liquid metal will change its appearance to an Incan treasure piece! Can you see it? Now, where would you place a golden pot like this if you have it? Actually, it doesn’t matter where you place it; its remarkable appearance will shine wherever it may be!
Metal garden sculptures create a highly modern and crisp look. Present establishments and public areas prefer using stainless steel sculptures due to their durability and resistance to corrosion. Steel is easy to clean and only requires minimum maintenance.
Garden sculptures made from cement are enduring and durable that can withstand any type of weather. Although uncoated, cement garden art has its own charm. However, it looks bland and unappealing compared to painted ones. Looking at the above photos, you can see the difference in the appeal and the overall vibe created by the coat. The cherub with a white coat looks cute and traditional, while the metal-coated angel on the right displays an artistic and dramatic air.
Benefits of Metal Garden Art
Whether you love hosting outdoor parties, inviting friends for a meal at home, or for personal advantage, adding a touch of liquid metal to your garden art will be beneficial no matter what. Here are some of its benefits of metal garden art: Accentuate
Gardens sculptures are an excellent way to underline the house’s architecture, add colours and texture. Let’s say you have a clean and well-maintained lawn; adding a piece of garden art will highlight its pristine appearance as well as serve as a centrepiece, breaking the monotonous green colour. For a garden with flowering plants, including a sculpture will add to the story you are vibing. The above image is an excellent example of how small garden art can accentuate and fill empty areas of your garden. What’s great about this decoration is that it displays a fun atmosphere and supports recycling. You can transform this using our aluminium liquid metal to make it more like a happy tin man.
Having a remarkable metal garden sculpture tells your visitor a story and sets their expectation on what’s inside. For example, metal art or sculpture sends a modern vibe, while wooden art translates to a country flair. Much like how themed home interiors can add personality into a living space, garden art can set an atmosphere. The above example displays a religious theme that sets a zen and calm mood.
Your front lawn Is the first thing your visitors see from afar. This sets their first impression, especially if it’s the first time that they come to visit you. Your chosen garden art gives visitors a peek of your personality. Looking at this cow garden art, what do you think the homeowner’s personality is? Are they playful, snub, artistic, or eccentric? Are they child–friendly or not? Bottom Line No matter what type of garden art you have, adding a layer of liquid metal coat can transform your garden’s mood and appeal to a more modern and lush space. If you’re adding new pieces of metal garden art, ensure that it enhances your garden and not outshine it. Always consider the size and colour before purchase, and if it fits the atmosphere you intend to produce. Important note: For outdoor application, remember to use additional polyurethane coating to seal the metal particles from oxidizing and protect them from corrosion and abrasions. This also provides extra shine, adding a water-proof surface. 
Upgrade your garden art with a layer of liquid metal coat! LIQMET liquid metal is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. UV and water-resistant, making LIQMET liquid metal paint a perfect coat for outdoor decorations for long-lasting beauty and shine. 

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