5 Stylish Bathroom Designs to Inspire Your Own

Our bathrooms are one of the sacred places in our home and considered as a centre of well-being. We use it from energising morning showers to relaxing rituals after a long day. This is why creating a great environment in our bathrooms is important to make our personal time more calming, relaxing, and fun.  In your quest to turn your bathroom into something grander, we’ve collated some bathroom design ideas to help you plan and decorate your ideal bathroom, shower room, or en suite.    First things first: Set the mood Want to create a hotel-like ambiance in your home bathroom? Then take cue from this first stylish bathroom design idea. Use bronze liquid metal coatings for your sink to create a timeless look with additional sheen. Plus, add a warm-toned lighting which is believed to help us relax and wind down for the day, and get ready for rest.
You can also mix the design up by keeping your sink white. Then instead, coat the walls and floors with bronze or any other classic-coloured liquid metals. Don’t worry, liquid metals are durable and can be applied to any surface. Just look at the classic, stylish bathroom below.
Copper liquid metals can also be used to create the hotel-like classic look - just as shown in the photo of a tub below. And to add more detail, you may opt to place a fireplace near your tub.
Think plain is boring? Colours might help
If you’re the type who prefers individuality rather than having your bathroom look like any other hotel’s bathroom, then you might opt to add more colours and patterns. Just have a look at this kitchen sink with unique patterns and aluminium coating that looks like shiny blue-green.
Aside from your sink, you may also play with your tub and walls’ colours. Our sample below uses a clever colour combination that merges the classic bronze colour with more modern minimalist tones.
Your creativity is the limit With the right resources in your hand, you can do anything to beautify your bathroom. Take inspiration from the bathrooms featured above, and if you need more, visit this page. Then try to add a personal touch by following what you really want.   Add sparkle to your bathroom with liquid metals   What are you waiting for? Order LIQMET liquid metals today! We deliver worldwide (except Bahrain). We can also connect you to our registered applicators so you need not worry about liquid metal application.  

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3 Home Design Trends for 2022

Many embark on a renovation project during the start of the year. After all, it is the perfect time to change things up whether at home or office to give a sense of fresh start or new beginnings. 


1) Nature-inspired home decor

This year, interior designers see that there will be a continued focus on regaining our connection to the natural world through the use of nature-inspired home decor. This might also mean that there will be an emphasis on creating calming environments with natural lighting and ventilation, plants, and other  visual connections with nature. 

To achieve this in style in your home or even office space, think of something that helps you connect with nature. It may be succulents, printed carpet, or sculptures like shown above.


2) Sustainable materials for home design

Because of climate change and other environmental problems, sustainability and the use of organic and dependable materials have become increasingly significant in recent years. As a result, many artists are expected to place a greater emphasis on the ethical manufacture and use of home materials. Extending the life of household products will be critical to ensuring that less resources are required in the long run and that there will be no additional waste.

At LIQMET, we’re contributing to this very important shift in the industry by making only the best and durable liquid metals with a 30-years warranty. Another objective we set for ourselves ever since when we started was to stay away from hazardous materials. We spent six months developing and testing several polymers. As a result, we no longer use polyester resin in our production. Our decorative metal coatings are odourless and require no extra safety equipment to apply.


3) Personalisation

Interior design experts also see 2022 as a year that will bring a greater awareness of our surroundings and their impact on our emotions and well-being. There will be a focus on individuality and personal ties to the occupant’s interests, likes and hobbies. DIY home decors will take the centrepiece, and the primary consideration when choosing a decorative piece will be “will it reflect your personality and will it make you feel better?”


Add splash of personality and colour to your home


Are you thinking of a DIY project to kickstart your home refresh in 2022? Order LIQMET liquid metals today! LIQMET liquid metals can be applied to any surface including sculptures, bathroom sinks and tubs, vehicles, interiors, kitchens, fireplaces and more


We deliver worldwide (except Bahrain). We can also connect you to our registered applicators so you need not worry about liquid metal application.


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More than Aesthetics: Find out the Many Benefits of LIQMET Liquid Metals

It’s a known fact that liquid metals are beautiful with their lustrous look that feels just like real solid metals. They’re also known to be useful for decorative pieces, interior design, and art. But did you know that more than its aesthetics, liquid metals have a lot more benefits? Let’s go through them one by one.  


Compared to sheet or forged metal, liquid metals are lighter in terms of weight. Meaning, it is easier to position and apply. But this doesn’t mean that liquid metals aren’t sturdy. In fact, because they’re lightweight, it was easier to erect when applied to an MDF board. 


Along with its weight, liquid metals are preferred by many because it is much more cost-effective than regular metals. When applied on an MDF board, you need not buy any extra strengthening for support. 

If you’re wondering how much liquid metal costs, the flat-rate for any LIQMET sample pot is $30.00 plus the delivery fee to your location or country. 0.55 kg sample kits pots are the best way to experience LIQMET colours before taking the plunge. They are available in every current LIQMET colour and are available for worldwide delivery. 


Liquid metals, specifically LIQMET liquid metals are mostly made from recycled materials to give you peace of mind that they are not harmful to the environment. Another objective we set for ourselves when creating liquid metals was to stay away from hazardous items. We spent six months developing and testing several polymers. As a result, we no longer use polyester resin in our production. Our decorative metal coatings are odourless.

Can be fire-retardant

Aside from environmental safety, we also place importance in personal safety. This is why we have a fire-retardant range of liquid metals. Meaning, the substances in these liquid metals are able to help slow down, stop, or diminish the intensity of a fire.

Beneficial for almost all industries

Currently, LIQMET liquid metals are used in almost every industry involved in construction, interior design, and the arts. To give you a clearer picture, LIQMET liquid metals are used for the following:

  • Interior design
  • Signwriting
  • Coffin manufacturing
  • TV, film and theatrical decorations
  • Garden sculptures
  • Pots manufacturing
  • Home and office restoration or renovation
  • Automobile industry
  • White goods

This list is not exhaustive, meaning, your creativity is the limit! LIQMET liquid metals can be used for practically everything that involves decoration and coating.

Explore LIQMET liquid metals

What are you waiting for? Order LIQMET liquid metals today! We deliver worldwide (except Bahrain). We can also connect you to our registered applicators so you need not worry about liquid metal application.

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Holiday-themed Decoration Ideas with Liquid Metals

The holidays are just around the corner, and with it, the most wonderful time of the year. Holiday tunes are everywhere, reds and greens are in, the spirit of giving and gratitude is in the air, and for everyone who loves decorating, it’s the best time to decorate your home or office! 

At LIQMET liquid metals, we love this season and we love to help you achieve the best holiday decor yet! So we thought it best to compile some holiday decor inspirations for you using liquid metals. But why liquid metals, you may ask? Well, they have a natural sheen and are available in holiday-themed colours. Plus, they are very durable. Meaning, you can use your holiday decor this year and the next!

Shining, shimmering Holiday signs

First impressions last. And what better way to leave a great first impression to your guests than to have a festive, sophisticated golden Holiday-themed sign hanging to your door? You can customise your sign to include any message or element you want. Then coat it with liquid metals in festive colours such as goldtahiti, and copper.

Holiday-themed sculptures

Accessorise your living room by adding holiday-themed sculptures coated with liquid metals! Metal coatings from LIQMET can substantially improve the appearance of sculptures by adding that lustre. LIQMET’s cast look and tactile sense of the surface allows for more cost-effective and higher-quality manufacture. Similarly, LIQMET can be used on decorations made from concrete, ceramics, and other common materials in the industry.

Jingle balls

What is holiday decor without Christmas balls, right? Enhance the look of your typical ornaments by adding decorative liquid metal coatings. Don’t worry, while they look and feel like real metals, they’re lightweight and won’t weigh your foundations down.

Don’t risk any delay, order liquid metals for your holiday decoration


What are you waiting for? Order LIQMET liquid metals today! We deliver worldwide (except Bahrain). We can also connect you to our registered applicators so you need not worry about liquid metal applications.


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Design Trends to Inspire Your Home Improvement

The series of lockdowns because of the pandemic has changed our relationship with our homes. From a place to rest after a long, tiring day at the office, our homes became the office itself. They’ve also transformed into a whole lot more: classroom, gym, and even spa! This is why the emphasis on home improvements can’t be overlooked. But how do you even get started on home improvements? To help you out, here are some design trends or inspirations.
1. Incorporate warm shades into your home Warm shades are becoming more popular as they exude a sense of comfort and well-being. Earthy hues, warm neutrals, and relaxing blues and greens are particularly getting more attention. But this doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to other colours altogether. You can further beautify your space by using metallic hues such as copper, bronze and even graphite as accent colours - perfect your fireplace, tubs and shelves. This will help set the tone in your home, and eventually lift your mood even as you stay indoors.
2. Accessorise Recently, minimalism is taking the backseat and more and more are embracing more colours, accessories, and decorative pieces into their home. There is a growing interest in elaborate furnishings, unique textures, and themed home interiors to set homes apart and incorporate a person’s unique style. So if you’re one of those who’s eyeing to add decorative pieces into your home, now is the perfect time to go for it! Try adding decorative objects from the Victorian and industrial era, or any other era that shows your personality to leave a unique touch to your home.
3. Plan for functional, private living spaces More than aesthetics, home design trends are now revolving around functionality and adapting to the current needs of homeowners who are practically doing everything at home. Builders and designers have predicted that traditional closed spaces with partitions and pocket doors will be in once again to give occupants some privacy to do the work that they need to do. 4. Alfresco entertainment area We all need a breather. That’s why more and more homeowners are looking to improve their outdoor spaces to transform them into a relaxation or exercise area. Garden decorations such as plants and sculptures are taking centre stage as they are an excellent way to underline the house’s architecture, add colours and texture.
  Add sparkle to your space with liquid metals Whether you’re planning to add colours to your home, beautify your partitions and garden art, or simply sheen your decorative pieces, you can be assured that you can use liquid metals. They are durable, shiny metals in liquid metal form that can be applied to practically almost any surface. They look and feel just like real metals and are available in 17 colours! Order LIQMET liquid metals today! We deliver worldwide (except Bahrain). We can also connect you to our registered applicators so you need not worry about liquid metal application.

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Why use LIQMET liquid metals for decorative pieces?

If you’re into interior design, sculpture, home and office renovation or any other industry related to art, you’ve probably heard about liquid metals at least once in your life. Liquid metals, as its name suggests,  are real metals or alloy in liquid form or near room temperature. They are used for a wide range of purposes such as beautifying walls, coating vehicles, and even coffin manufacturing.  Liquid metals look and feel just like solid metals

Think you’re missing out when you use liquid metals instead of solid, raw metals? Think again. Liquid metals are real metals and they also have the lustre and durability that metal sheets have to offer. Most of the time, liquid metals are even better because you can create different textures without losing that head-turning shine.

Liquid metals are more cost-effective than using solid metals Just because they’re on par with solid metals doesn’t mean they have to be as costly. Liquid metals are generally more affordable because the production of solid metal sheets alone is costly. Plus, you also need to shell out money on cutting, installing and bracing solid metals. On the other hand, liquid metals are lightweight materials that can be easily applied to a variety of surfaces (more on this later). A sample pot of highly versatile liquid metals costs only around 30 AUD. Liquid metals can be applied to a variety of substrates We’ve already mentioned earlier that liquid metals can be applied to almost any surface. But just in case you’re still wondering, here’s a list of substrates where you can apply liquid metals:
  • Wood
  • MDF
  • Ceramics
  • Fiberglass
  • Acrylic
  • Concrete
  • Metal
  • Paper
  • Foam
  • Fabric
  Liquid metals are easy to apply Liquid metals are versatile and available in 2 viscosities: ready to brush and ready to paint. If you’re not familiar with spray guns, worry no more since you may opt for a LIQMET brush viscosity. But if using spray guns are more convenient for you, you can always choose the spray viscosity. Using different viscosities can also allow you to create different textures and finishes. Your imagination is the limit. Why choose LIQMET? LIQMET liquid metals are available in a wide range of colours Here at LIQMET, you can choose from 17 liquid metal colours for your next project. You can also mix and match different colours to create a whole new different colour. LIQMET liquid metals are made in Australia LIQMET liquid metals are made and registered in Australia. Meaning, you can rest assured that our products are of high-quality and premium grade. Plus, if you’re from Australia, think about the carbon footprint that you will be able to reduce if you buy local liquid metals. We are reliable and we offer excellent customer support Contact us at any time and we’re willing to support you. We can help you choose the right products for you and we provide training on liquid metal applications. Try it for yourself and see what you can do with LIQMET liquid metals!  



LIQMET colours and where to integrate them in your space

Liquid Metal Colour can enhance the look and feel of any art project or space. Try throwing in some gold, pewter or silver into a space and see elegance and class unfold before your eyes. Alternatively, if you want to come up with something fun and easy on the eyes, then pastel colours are the way to go.  At LIQMET decorative liquid metals, we understand the importance of colours. That’s why we made sure that we have a wide range of colours for our liquid metals! Currently, we have 17 colours available in two viscosities, ready to be sprayed and ready to be brushed. But with all these colours conveniently available online, we also understand that it can get overwhelming, so we’ve decided to create this rundown of some of our colours for you.
Copper First off our list is copper. We’re so in love with copper liquid metal because it not only looks good but it also has antibacterial properties. Meaning, bacteria and viruses die on copper surfaces! The antibacterial properties of liquid copper have been known since the 19th century and they can be applied to different surfaces, such as door handles, taps, toilet seats, and kitchen doors and benchtops.  But although liquid copper metal can be applied to almost any surface, antique copper is best applied on featured walls, doors and even vintage vehicles. This rich brown colour with golden undertones will instantly give your masterpiece that classic, vintage look that everyone will love. 
Shop the copper metal coating here:
Pewter Just like copper liquid coating, pewter is a classic colour that you can use when you want to rock a vintage, classic look. Pewter is an ideal liquid metal paint for doors and knobs, fireplaces, vintage cars and motorcycles, and kitchen panels. And if you’re going for a modern, industrial bathroom, you can also use pewter metal coating for your bathtub.
Shop the pewter metal coating here:
Aqualloy If you’re a fan of blues and or pastel colours, fret not, there’s certainly a liquid metal coating for you! Try using liquid metals finishes in aqually colour for your garden art, sculptures, accent walls, and other decorative pieces. The blue tone of this liquid metal paints is pleasing to the eye and will help create a more relaxing ambience in your space.
Shop the Aqualloy metal coating here:
Tahiti Similar to aqualloy, tahiti is a metal coating colour that is easy on the eye and perfect for garden sculptures and other decorative pieces. Its green hue with gold undertone will surely give your space a natural, earthy feel.
Shop the Tahiti metal coating here:
Gold And of course, who would forget gold liquid metals coating? Gold is a precious metal and colour that will never go out of style. You can apply gold liquid metal on jewellery, kitchen knobs, sculptures, and more! It is also a good accent colour that you can use alongside graphite or other darker coloured metals.
Shop the gold liquid metal here:
So what’s your pick? This is not yet even half of all the colours LIQMET has to offer! Your imagination is the limit when it comes to using LIQMET liquid metals for your decorative pieces and interiors. But these colours should be a good starting point if ever you’re feeling overwhelmed about all the choices.    Still having a hard time choosing a liquid metal for you?   Order a sample of LIQMET liquid metal today! We deliver worldwide (except Bahrain).   

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Add Flare to Your Motorbike and Other Vehicles with Liquid Metals

Don’t you just love having a new car or motorbike? Remember that thrill you feel when you hit the road with your new vehicle and how you loved to show it off? Sadly, we can’t make our cars or motorbikes new again, but the good news is, you can definitely add flare to it with liquid metals coatings. With liquid metals paints and creativity, you can hit the road with that same level of pride that you felt when your motorbike or car was still new!
Why apply Liquid Metals on Vehicles?
  1. Liquid metal provides emphasis to your vehicle’s features 
Instead of coating your whole motorbike or car with liquid metals coating, you may opt to choose a specific feature to highlight or decorate. This will help emphasize your motorbike's features such as shown in the picture above. Try choosing tones like gold, silver, and brass liquid metal finishes for a classic, rustic feel that will make everyone’s head turn.
  1. Liquid metal is an elegant, cost-effective way to add glamour to your vehicle
Adding a coat of liquid metal to your motorbike does not cost as much as total remodelling. Plus, it is a surefire way to add personality to your vehicle and you can experiment with different textures and colours.
  1. Liquid metal coatings are durable and easy to maintain
LIQMET  decorative liquid metal coats and sprays can last up to 30 years. Because liquid metal coatings are prepared from real metals, it also exhibits its durability. Based on our tests, there was no visible change in liquid metal’s appearance, adhesion, and colour even under changing weather conditions. A liquid metal coated car or motorbike is also easy to clean as it has a smooth and glossy surface. 
  1. Lots of colours to choose from
Not a fan of rustic colours? No worries! There are liquid metals sprays and paints available in shades of blue, green and more. At LIQMET, we offer 16 metal tones to choose from. We’re sure one or more of our shades will complement your taste or colour preferences. Plus, our line of liquid metal coatings is suitable for almost any substrate.
  What are you waiting for? Add flare to your motorbike or car with liquid metal coatings. Order your own LIQMET liquid metal today! We deliver worldwide (except Bahrain). 

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We can also help you find a registered applicator world-wide to help you achieve the metal finish you’re aiming for. Contact us today or click here.

DIY Project Ideas with LIQMET Liquid Metals

The pandemic forced us to stay in our homes, and consequently, pick up new hobbies that kept us occupied. Some have discovered their hidden cooking talent, some got into gaming, while there are some who enrolled themselves into courses related to their field of interest. If you’ll classify yourself as someone who is artistic, you’ve probably picked up a brush, a paint, or a colouring book. For us at LIQMET decorative liquid metal paints, we didn’t stop exploring the bounds of liquid metals, it’s use, and more over the past year! We love every bit of it and it helped unleash our creativity. So whether you’re an artist or someone who just enjoys art, we know you’ll love it as much as we do. Why not try to pick up some sample pots of liquid metal coatings and try your hand at it? Who knows, you might just be able to come up with a new masterpiece. If you’re still on the fence about it, here are some DIY project ideas with LIQMET Decorative Liquid Metal paints. Metal Sign and Decorative Pieces Custom made decorative signages are getting more popular these days in home design. Decorative wall art signage gives a modern yet rustic atmosphere. It’s stylish and upbeat but retains a homey feel, making it an excellent addition to interior design.
Beautiful, right? To create something like this, you only need a medium density fibreboard or any substrate really! Pick a design, and have fun with LIQMET colours and viscosity. For a more step-by-step guide, watch this video that we’ve prepared.
Pewter Door Ready to add a rustic, classy feel into your home and even shop? Try using liquid metal paints to create a pewter door or knobs. While this project may take a while to allow for overnight drying of metal coats, you will surely be delighted about your final product!  You don’t need a lot to make your own pewter front door. For a start, you can go for LIQMET Pewter Brush Viscosity and a regular paint brush. Make sure to cover the entire surface you want to work on with liquid metal finish of your choice. And don’t forget the edges! With your chosen brush viscosity, you can create any texture you want. For some inspiration, check out our Liquid Metal Finishes on Doors Once you’re done covering the surface with liquid metal paints or coatings and creating the texture you like, allow the surface to dry overnight. Then, using 120 grit sandpaper, sand the surface in the horizontal and vertical directions. Sand all the edges to give them a smooth finish. Clear the surface from dust and any residue to complete the project. Lastly, polish the surface to give it a metal shine and apply a clear coating for it to retain its current finish.
Sculptures Got a piece that you really love? Upgrade its look and make it timeless by coating it with liquid metals. The steps are simple and almost similar to applying coatings on a pewter food that we’ve discussed here earlier. For more inspiration, you can also check out this page.
Jewellery What we love about the liquid metal coats is, they can be applied to any surface, including your jewellery! Yes, you read that right! If you’re overwhelmed with the big projects we mentioned earlier, you can start small and apply liquid metal coatings to some trinkets or pieces of jewellery. 
Join the club: Learn how to maximise liquid metals! Excited to explore liquid metal paints and coatings for your next project but still want to learn more? We’ve got you covered! Join our community of creative people and get access to basic courses on making metal finishes. Register here. Then, order your own LIQMET liquid metal today! We deliver worldwide (except Bahrain).   
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Tips in Using LIQMET Liquid Metal Coat for Garden Art and Sculpture

What comes to your mind when you hear garden statues and decorations? For me, it’s mushrooms and gnomes that used to creep me out when I was a child. But there are also some incredible garden decorations like a dolly with flowering plants, stone fountains, and some DIY from recyclable materials. Garden art has evolved. Sculptures were traditionally constructed from cement and covered paint. Today, garden art is made from different base materials like acrylic, wood, and metal.

Types of Garden Art Base Material

Carved wood garden sculpture has been around since olden times. It used to be a part of religious activity, decoration, or an emblem of a family. Today, wood is rarely used as garden decoration due to its organic nature. Its primary opponent is moisture and water. Even when coated with varnish or paint, a wooden base is easily affected by varying weather. Adding a coat of liquid metal to the sculpture in the your garden is far better than using regular paint. A liquid metal coat provides maximum protection and can preserve the quality of the wood. The metallic colour will also enhance shine and texture by mixing two to three colours to accentuate each groove, points and curves
Vibrantly coloured garden ornaments made of plastic materials like shown above create a hip and youthful vibe. It looks fantastic and fresh, perfect for a large area. However, acrylic garden décor has a short shelf life. Unlike wood, acrylic garden pieces are affected by heat and sunlight. The colour and shine will fade. Furthermore, depending on the type of plastic used, the change in weather will make the ornament brittle.
Your clay pots act as containers and decorations. You can paint them using vibrant colours to revitalise your garden. Bright coloured containers are great to use in neutral spaces. The different shades draw attention that somewhat mimics the presence of flowers, enhancing the green hue of the plant. Custom made clay pots like the image above are available today. Functional and artistic, this piece will surely gather attention and impress your visitors. The brown coat translates into a natural and culture-based atmosphere. Now Imagine this piece coated with gold-tone liquid metal. Applying a layer of LIQMET gold liquid metal will change its appearance to an Incan treasure piece! Can you see it? Now, where would you place a golden pot like this if you have it? Actually, it doesn’t matter where you place it; its remarkable appearance will shine wherever it may be!
Metal garden sculptures create a highly modern and crisp look. Present establishments and public areas prefer using stainless steel sculptures due to their durability and resistance to corrosion. Steel is easy to clean and only requires minimum maintenance.
Garden sculptures made from cement are enduring and durable that can withstand any type of weather. Although uncoated, cement garden art has its own charm. However, it looks bland and unappealing compared to painted ones. Looking at the above photos, you can see the difference in the appeal and the overall vibe created by the coat. The cherub with a white coat looks cute and traditional, while the metal-coated angel on the right displays an artistic and dramatic air.
Benefits of Metal Garden Art
Whether you love hosting outdoor parties, inviting friends for a meal at home, or for personal advantage, adding a touch of liquid metal to your garden art will be beneficial no matter what. Here are some of its benefits of metal garden art: Accentuate
Gardens sculptures are an excellent way to underline the house’s architecture, add colours and texture. Let’s say you have a clean and well-maintained lawn; adding a piece of garden art will highlight its pristine appearance as well as serve as a centrepiece, breaking the monotonous green colour. For a garden with flowering plants, including a sculpture will add to the story you are vibing. The above image is an excellent example of how small garden art can accentuate and fill empty areas of your garden. What’s great about this decoration is that it displays a fun atmosphere and supports recycling. You can transform this using our aluminium liquid metal to make it more like a happy tin man.
Having a remarkable metal garden sculpture tells your visitor a story and sets their expectation on what’s inside. For example, metal art or sculpture sends a modern vibe, while wooden art translates to a country flair. Much like how themed home interiors can add personality into a living space, garden art can set an atmosphere. The above example displays a religious theme that sets a zen and calm mood.
Your front lawn Is the first thing your visitors see from afar. This sets their first impression, especially if it’s the first time that they come to visit you. Your chosen garden art gives visitors a peek of your personality. Looking at this cow garden art, what do you think the homeowner’s personality is? Are they playful, snub, artistic, or eccentric? Are they child–friendly or not? Bottom Line No matter what type of garden art you have, adding a layer of liquid metal coat can transform your garden’s mood and appeal to a more modern and lush space. If you’re adding new pieces of metal garden art, ensure that it enhances your garden and not outshine it. Always consider the size and colour before purchase, and if it fits the atmosphere you intend to produce. Important note: For outdoor application, remember to use additional polyurethane coating to seal the metal particles from oxidizing and protect them from corrosion and abrasions. This also provides extra shine, adding a water-proof surface. 
Upgrade your garden art with a layer of liquid metal coat! LIQMET liquid metal is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. UV and water-resistant, making LIQMET liquid metal paint a perfect coat for outdoor decorations for long-lasting beauty and shine. 

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