Real metals in liquid form. Ready to use. On any surface.

LIQMET's Liquid Metal are metal coatings supplied in cans. Liquid Metal is made of real metal and comes ready for application, just like paint.
Liquid Metal can make any surface look like real 'solid' metal. It comes in two viscosities, which allow application by multiple methods - spray, brush, rolling or spread using a spatula.

Using Liquid Metal coating to replicate metal finishing is much more cost effective than production with metal.
It is light weight, durable and hard wearing, making it highly versatile as it can be applied to virtually any surface. 
Liquid Metal coating is suited for both indoor and outdoor applications.
Our liquid metal kits are great for craft people or companies who involve in manufacturing of furniture, shop fit-outs, paneling. etc.

Liqmet Can - Part A.jpg

Part A

The metal. Your selected metal finish, selected from our standard 16 metals or a custom created metal made to order. Comes in 2 viscosities, spray and brush.



Liqmet Bottle - Part B.jpg

Part B

The hardener. Mixed with Part A, causes a chemical reaction that makes the surface hard and durable whilst also allowing unlimited thickness.




Finished product

Dependent on your application method, your finish can be beautifully textured by brushing or it can be sleek and smooth if using the spraying method.


Liquid Metal Application Examples

Any project from small statue or a picture frame to external paneling or roofs can be covered in LIQMET Liquid Metals. Check out our gallery for inspiration.