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    Sometimes we are asked: “Where are your coatings produced?”

    Well, our liquid coatings were developed in Australia over ten (10) years ago. To this date, we are still manufacturing our products in the same area.Liquid Metals, or LIQMET, was invented by our technical manager Felix. It all started after he immigrated to Australia. One of his earliest jobs was for a company that produced

    Keeping Calm in the Chaos

    With the current challenges presented by the coronavirus (COVID-19), it is difficult to think of much else. The Internet is flooded with information about this disease and how to prevent it. Governments of different countries are discouraging people from going to public places, and people have become afraid to touch surfaces in those places. For

    Metal Kitchen Design – LIQMET Liquid Metal

    LIQMET metal coatings are a versatile contribution to metal kitchen design.The kitchen is the most used room in any house. It is where you lovingly prepare family meals. It stands to reason that if you spend the most time in any room, you should actually like the way it looks.LIQMET’s liquid metal is a significant

    Our warranty for liquid metal success

    Laser Cutting and Liquid Metal Coatings

    In another recent story, we were approached by the director of the Australian representative office of Trotec, which manufactures and sells professional laser cutters for signwriters and furniture manufacturers, to name a few. To date, they are Australia’s largest supplier of such equipment and related materials. In addition to equipment, Trotec also produces PVC plastic