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    Not sure where to start? We’ve got floor-to-ceiling inspiration for every room of your home, plus a few helpful hints.

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    How to Use Wall Finishes to Create a Unique Ambiance

    Today, we’d like to share some ideas for using LIQMET® liquid metals in interior design for professional interior designers, business owners, applicators and homeowners. The key to an effective interior design is harmony and balance. An empty wall can be as effective as a wall with pictures. This looks neat and creates an illusion of

    Spring Renovation Inspirations

    Spring, spring, spring is calling! And with that, Easter is coming! Chat all chicks and rabbits around. Don’t you just love the fresh breeze, sunshine and festivities that go with it? Easter is one of the most important celebrations for Christians. It marks the resurrection of Jesus. But apart from religious celebrations, the Easter holidays

    Use of Decorative Liquid Metal Coatings in Venetian Plastering

    It’s chilly weather today, with light rain tattering on my roof. As I sip my coffee, I can’t help but reminisce about the time I spent in Italy. Italy is an embodiment of arts and culture. Did you know that Italy has 55 UNESCO heritage sites? You can literally travel from one heritage site to

    Decorative Liquid Metal Coating: The Innovative way to Achieve a Metallic Finish

    The liquid metal coating is a system using cold sprayable or brushed liquid metal-containing almost 85% of real metal. A cold preparation allows its use on delicate substrates extending its usage from foam, fibreglass to stone, etc. The metal content is what sets a liquid metal coat from metallic paints. That’s 85 to 90% genuine

    Valentine's colours and LIQMET

    Can you smell the roses in the air? We love Valentine’s Day because couples around the world are celebrating this romantic time to strengthen their relationship by going on dates, exchanging presents like how they used to during that heart pumping and exciting courtship stage. High-end restaurants and hotels incorporate metallic themes like rose and