Is it paint?

No, it is not metal/metallic paint. It is a patented process that allows the application of metal in a cold, liquid form.

Is it metal plating?

No, metal plating is an electro-chemical process. Liqmet-Liquid Metal is a cold application metallization process that can be applied to a variety of surfaces. These include, but are not limited to Laminate, melamine, wood, plastic, gypsum, fibreglass, ceramics, concrete, foam, porcelain, glass, and metal.

Is it powder coating?

No, powder coating is baked on. Liquid Metal is sprayed on, rolled on, brushed on, hand-applied, or poured on. It may also be cast.

Can it be used on outdoor surfaces?

Yes, over the correct substrate and when additional polyurethane coating is applied.

Does application of the Liquid Metals require special equipment?

No, just simple tools and equipment, such as spray guns, brushes, spatulas and polishing items. We can assist you in selecting the proper equipment.

Is there a minimum thickness limitation?

A thickness of 0.8mm to 1.0mm can be achieved in a single spray application.

What surface effects can be achieved with LIQMET coatings?

The ability to modify the viscosity of Liquid Metal allows us to carry out its application by rolling, brushing, spraying or with a spatula, to create an endless variety of finely textured surfaces. Special, deeper surface effects may be created by applying a thick coating and working with different techniques. The finishes are only limited by your imagination.

What substrates should not be used?

The only substrates we do not recommend are some glass,  unsealed styrofoam, Teflon®.

What is the coverage of each spray Liquid Metal kit?

Each kit covers up to 1 square meter, depending on the skill of the spray operator and the shape of the piece.

Is there any special training required?

Yes, training is highly recommended in order to achieve the best quality application. Two-day, hands-on courses are held in Sydney.

Is there heat involved?

There is no heat distortion and no heat impact on the substrate. It is a cold metalizing process.

Are LIQMET metal coatings flexible?

Yes, metal coatings can be applied to flexible surfaces.

Do Liquid Metal conduct electricity?

No, they do not conduct electricity, and it is non-galvanic.

Will metal coatings oxidize?

Yes, like any other correspondent metals. However, the oxidation process can be sealed to preserve the effect of the desired oxidation stage.

Are the LIQMET metal coatings water proofed?

100% water proof finish can be achieved with a standard clear coating.

Are the Liquid Metals UV resistant?

Yes. 100%.

How many coats are needed?

All our metal coatings are applied in one coat only.

Other questions not covered here? Please contact us and we will be pleased to answer them for you.


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