We provide metal coatings for an extensive range of industry types. However, the application areas listed below are just examples of possibilities where our metal coatings can be used.


LIQMET is the perfect metal finish choice for the interior design industry. Not only will products and finished pieces look excellent, but LIQMET is also friendly on the pocket, with everything able to be manufactured, coated, and finished under one roof, rather than materials and labour having to be variously and thus more expensively sourced. Using such lightweight substrate alternatives to solid cast brass or zinc as plastics, MDF, plaster, and fibreglass, LIQMET serves as a vital asset, saving both money and time as well as looking stunning.


The use of LIQMET metal coatings in the signage industry has been so successful that almost a quarter of their use is in this field. Incredibly versatile, LIQMET can be applied to both conventional signage materials such as PVC plastics and aluminium, and more unusual materials such as wood, MDF, and even polystyrene − LIQMET in fact being the only company in the world whose products can be applied to any polystyrene foam!

The high-quality adhesive properties of LIQMET, applied to any of these materials, have been confirmed in many tests undertaken by Trotek, one of the biggest laser cutting company in the world. Applying LIQMET to PVC plastic, they proceeded to cut a variety of complex shapes out of it without causing a single chip or peeled metal finish!

Another great advantage of LIQMET is its light-weight coating, and despite its cast metal appearance just a few kilograms are more than sufficient for this type of use.


As for decorative coatings, LIQMET can also make a great contribution to the coffin market and other related products. There are many reasons for this. Firstly, a cast bronze coffin would be a thing to marvel at but would be difficult to make using traditional casting techniques, to say nothing of the transportation and other difficulties its enormous weight would involve, let alone the astronomical price. Much the same effect can be achieved, however, by making a coffin from a low-cost material such as MDF and plywood, to which LIQMET is then applied.

Secondly, the LIQMET coating would add only four or five kilos to the total weight of the coffin, an almost negligible amount. Thirdly, coffins covered with LIQMET Metal Finish combust, leaving only ashes, which are easy to dispose of or place in an urn which can be covered in LIQMET coating too. Finally, LIQMET can also be applied as a finish to low-cost concrete monuments and gravestones.


When used in this industry, LIQMET metal finishes offer amazing benefits, especially when applied to fibreglass. All structural elements are made using wood, reinforced with fibreglass, and can be treated with LIQMET, giving the appearance of cast metal. Non-structural elements, sculptures and other 3D objects can be made of any polystyrene foam and directly coated with LIQMET. All these processes can be carried out in almost any location and require no special equipment, helping to reduce costs by one-and-a-half to two times.

LIQMET’s light weight is a great advantage in this area too, facilitating transportation for example, while its use of natural metals once again ensures long-term durability. Our metal coatings can help be free from endless re-application of foils and guilt and silver paper.


Applying LIQMET metal coatings can greatly enhance the appearance of products in both these categories. The cast appearance and tactile sensation of the surface produced by LIQMET also allows for more economical and higher-quality production. By the same token, LIQMET can be applied to existing products including concrete, ceramics, and other materials common in the industry.

The greatest benefits of LIQMET, however, are to be obtained by applying it in the mold. Reusable, detachable, or one-piece molds make it possible to apply LIQMET as a very thin layer. After application, the mold can be reinforced with fibreglass or some other inexpensive aggregate, the end result not only looking amazing but being capable of withstanding outdoor conditions for 30 to 40 years.

LIQMET can also be used to enhance metal garden screens, water features, and garden lights.


These applications of LIQMET demonstrate some of its greatest advantages. In the restoration of any metal object, the LIQMET brush viscosity allows it to be applied as a putty, concealing almost any crack. Its ability to incorporate components in any proportions allows LIQMET’s metal colour to be adjusted to match the product, while its capacity to age the appearance of objects is unparalleled in the field.

A special type of restoration is that of automobile parts, especially mag wheels, which have repeatedly been successfully restored using LIQMET.

A third application of LIQMET in this field is in the refurbishment and updating of kitchen and other furniture. Tired of your existing kitchen? Not a problem! Take off all the doors, including the refrigerator door, and cover the surfaces with LIQMET. Needing a total of only five kilos of material and two days of work, the modernised results will amaze you.


Many of the above advantages of LIQMET are also reflected in the design and manufacture of corporate gifts. This is especially true when cheap base materials are used: aluminium turned into bronze, plywood into gold, and so on. LIQMET’s application is also supported through the use of fibreglass or rubber molds when manufacturing a series of models in the tens or hundreds, the most ambitious example of this so far being 1000 bronze medallions replicated according to one sample.

Another expansion of LIQMET’s utility stems from its capacity to replace electroplating, its mirror-like polish and compatibility with almost any material holding great promise for future application along these lines.


LIQMET decorative coatings can be successfully applied to any automobile or motorcycle, including its individual parts, internal and external. This permits extensive design flexibility, especially given the unlimited thickness of the LIQMET coating. Embossed logos or letters will help decorate any corporate car, and the use of automotive varnishes helps guarantee longer durability. Another, particularly interesting application is the individual – rather than ‘off-the-shelf’ − painting of motorcycles.

These technical solutions can be applied to existing businesses and new ventures, with over 800 custom designs possible. Best of all is that the price of LIQMET metal finishes is equivalent to if not lower than that of traditional enamel paint.


Who said that refrigerators should only come in white or brushed stainless steel? Well with LIQMET, we are able to offer 800 metal finishes, with a choice of 16 colours, varying degrees of polish, and the ability to be made to look aged or rusted when applied to refrigerators and other white goods. Moreover, these designs can be applied either directly at the factory or through other premises and businesses (kitchen workshops, joineries and so on) which already apply LIQMET to their products. Illustrating the endless possibilities, refrigerator doors can be painted the same colour as the kitchen (providing a wonderful cohesion) or for that matter a contrasting one, either way adding a unique design accent to your kitchen renovation.


You can order a liquid sample from our 17 colours. Pick any sample pot and get started with your project.