Valentine’s colours and LIQMET

February 9th, 2021

Can you smell the roses in the air?

We love Valentine’s Day because couples around the world are celebrating this romantic time to strengthen their relationship by going on dates, exchanging presents like how they used to during that heart pumping and exciting courtship stage. High-end restaurants and hotels incorporate metallic themes like rose and copper to keep the romantic vibe with elegance and class. You can achieve this swanky and ritzy look with some upgrades. Let us show you how.

Rose Alloy – elegant pink

Introducing our ultra-feminine and chic Rose Alloy coat, a great alternative to aluminium or zinc if you want to mix some uniqueness and character to your home, office or any interior. Rose Alloy has a metallic hue suitable to pair with other metallic colours like gold.

Incorporate a touch of Rococo style by adding a hint of spiral rose on wall design. A Rococo style interior is famous for its use of pink and pastel colours paired with ornate accents on walls and furniture.

Complete the look by adding curtains and a chandelier for a contemporary look and DIY projects, you can up-style your white sofa’s legs or a wooden stool by coating it with metallic rose, generating a warm and dramatic flair. You can balance and accentuate rose alloy with a black or nude wall colour to make your furnishing take the spotlight. You can also incorporate other metallic shades like yellow-gold just to mix it up.

Copper – Red metal

Red metal copper or eternal copper offers endless possibilities in interior design, and just like romance, it will never go out of style. It has always been popular and will continue to be popular. Its luxurious and rich sheen makes it a crowd favourite. You can incorporate it on your tabletops, vents, vase, home fixtures, doors, and so much more! You can amaze your visitors with a jaw-dropping feature wall.

Copper-tone faucets for kitchen and bathrooms bring the country flavour to your home. Shabby chic is how designers describe this style. Neat and straightforward with a touch of class.

Creating a glamorous and classy ambience in your home does not need to be expensive. Adding a beautiful metallic touch is all you need to transform your monotonous house design to a fun and stylish home. LIQMET® replicates metal finishing at a much more cost-effective price than production with metal.


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