Use of Decorative Liquid Metal Coatings in Venetian Plastering

March 12th, 2021

It's chilly weather today, with light rain tattering on my roof. As I sip my coffee, I can't help but reminisce about the time I spent in Italy. Italy is an embodiment of arts and culture. Did you know that Italy has 55 UNESCO heritage sites? You can literally travel from one heritage site to the other and experience their rich history and tradition. They are primarily known for their food and remarkable architecture. One of their iconic marks is the Venetian plaster seen all over their cathedral and Palazzos.
Venetian Plasters
Venetian plasters are also known as Italian stucco or Italian decorative veneer—a putty made from fired limestone, mixed with marble, quartz or kaolin. Lime plasters were applied on the ceiling or walls and were used in ancient Roman times.
Types of Venetian Pla sters
Stucco Veneziano Here is a type of Venetian plaster that does not contain any sand. This can be polished to matte or mirror-like sheen typically compared to marble. Marmorino Marmorino finish is a type of stucco developed in the 15th century to replicate marble. Back then, Venetian plaster was used on buildings in place of marble to keep it light. - Marmorino Fine Marmorino fine produces a thin coat containing fine sand particles. This is suitable with a matte to medium end-polished to enhance colour flow. - Marmorino Gross Likewise, a thin layer consisting of thicker sand particles. Marmorino Gross is suitable for creating textured surfaces like diagonal, linear, or cracking lines, producing a highly impactful effect. Traventino Traventino is a type of Italian stucco that produces the thickest plaster containing the largest sand particles. These are typically used outdoors for their durability.
Liquid Metal Effect on Venetian Plasters
- Highlights silhouettes Adding a liquid metal coat highlights every contour and fine lines, adding a three-dimensional effect. - WOW factor Using Venetian plasters is the oldest method to transform flat ceilings and walls to appear as natural stones. This vintage look is having a big comeback in contemporary homes today, particularly on ceilings. This adds colour and subtle patterns, automatically upgrading the essence of the room even with minimal furniture pieces. - High-Class Metals have their unique way of making everyday objects appear glamorous. It's been embedded in our minds that metals are equal to wealth. The notion may have originated from precious metals being used as currencies in the past up to the present. Aside from this, metallic colours were utilised in affluent family's homes, as depicted in some royal houses. -Metal ore Applying liquid metals gives a metal ore effect, resulting in a bold appearance. -Baroque or Rococo Interior Design Adding a liquid metal coat to Venetian plaster will bring you back to the lavish and luxurious feel of the Baroque Era—royalty from the 17th century, especially using gold tones. Use rose gold and pastel shades if you are going for Rococo style for a fancy yet not overly dramatic vibe.
How to Choose Liquid Metals and Types of Application
Choosing the right colour and consistency is vital in determining which variety of liquid metal to incorporate in your wall. Traditional Venetian plaster follows the shade of precious metals and gems. These are gold, ruby, emerald, topaz, jade, and amethyst. The viscosity to choose depends on the surface and the type of finish you want to achieve. Liquid Metal Viscosities To achieve your desired look, you must know which viscosity is apt for your project. LIQMET liquid metal is available in two types of viscosities. 1. Spray viscosity Spray viscosity has a similar consistency as regular paint. This makes it easier to apply with the use of a spray gun, suitable to use for a flawless finish. 2. Brush Viscosity Bush viscosity has almost the same consistency as a mashed potato. You can apply this with the use of a trowel, brush or spatula. This is suitable for creating textures and patterns. creating textures and patterns. You can apply a liquid metal coat over a textured base coat like black in replicating a Venetian plaster marbled look. This will highlight the marbled patterns. Adding a final topcoat and polishing will complete the mirror-like gleam of authentic marble comparable to using a real Italian stucco. Take Away Using liquid metal on Venetian plasters will upgrade its overall aesthetics. However, original Venetian plasters are costly, and not everyone has the financial capacity to incorporate such beauty into their homes. The good news is, you can still achieve a Venetian stucco look by applying liquid metal on a textured surface or just using some tools. It's a practical and cost-effective way to beautify your walls and ceilings. Integrate a timeless vintage look in your home with the use of LIQMET liquid metal. Visit our site to learn more about our wide range of colours. We've prepared 0.55kg sample pots for all interested in trying out the LIQMET liquid metal. Discover LIQMET liquid metal today, and let us help you transform your vision into stunning metal arts. Follow us on social media for more updates and offers. Grab your sample pots HERE.


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