Spring Renovation Inspirations

April 12th, 2021

Spring, spring, spring is calling! And with that, Easter is coming! Chat all chicks and rabbits around. Don't you just love the fresh breeze, sunshine and festivities that go with it? Easter is one of the most important celebrations for Christians. It marks the resurrection of Jesus. But apart from religious celebrations, the Easter holidays are the best time for spring cleaning and renovation, taking advantage of the great weather and deals on supplies.
To help you jumpstart your spring renovations, we present today's inspiration: a fabulous stainless steel kitchen setup. A stainless kitchen design is the ultimate practical setup for commercial and home kitchens for its functionality and professional vibe. It is best for kitchens because it is easy to maintain and resistant to rust. Note that the steel part of this kitchen is the stove, countertop and wall shelves. You can identify these with its mirror-like end polish.
You can see how the matte platinum painted wooden cabinets accentuate the mirror-like polished steel countertop, giving that cohesive modern look. You can also use chrome liquid metal that offers a darker steel-like tone. Actually, a hint of gold or brass on handles and knobs can upgrade this look to another level. So how about it? What do you think about some semi-precious metal in your kitchen? We really adore this idea not because we sell liquid metal but because it's simply gorgeous and stylish! Moreover, purchasing a complete customised kitchen counter with cabinets made from 316L stainless steel is costly.
Here is another angle on this modern kitchen which is located in a very expensive flat in Sydney with a fantastic view of the Sydney harbour.
At this angle, you can appreciate the matte satin polished platinum-coated fridge doors. And having said that, all the cabinet's doors, kickboards and internal door were also coated with platinum. Can you see how it softly reflects the light, giving a cosy and warm atmosphere?
All these stunning items are made from Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) and prepared for liquid metal application. It's easy to do at a much affordable price than buying a steel door. You can use a spray painter together with our spray viscosity for a seamless finish. You can also use a regular paintbrush or trowel if you do not have one, but remember to use our brush viscosity for these tools. This will provide a more textured surface, which gives more personality. You can also create an antique look by ageing the surface. Oh, antique, even the word sounds so posh already.
If you are inspired by these images, start working on your project now. Let us help you start with your kitchen and home upgrades. Avail our sample pots today.


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