Liquid Metal Colour Range

December 8th, 2020

LIQMET liquid metal colour range is practically limitless.

The LIQMET liquid metal colour range is huge.  We say it’s practically limitless because during 17 years of creating new and exciting finishes we haven’t got to the end of the possibilities yet. At the moment we have 17 metals and alloys and one non-metal - graphite.


The liquid metal colour range is made up of standard and custom-made colours

The standard LIQMET colour range includes the following colours:  zinc, Tahiti, Aqualloy, rose alloy, aluminium, iron, gold, brass, bronze, antique bronze, pewter, smoked chrome, antique brass, antique copper, platinum, copper and graphite.  Some of our metal colours are natural like a copper. Some colours are alloys. We call these colours our standard range.  All the applicator has to do is mix the Part A – metal with Par B – a catalyst and get spraying or brushing.


Custom-made metals are individually created

In our factory, we have created a number of custom-mixed colours.  Most of them are made to match colours for some projects.

One of our major advantages is 2 different viscosities. If spray or brush viscosity alone does not meet your requirement you can mix viscosities together to achieve a suitable viscosity.

A huge number of options for metal applications using different colours and viscosities gives many possibilities to create unique beautiful metal finishes.

You can see more of the metals in projects on our website.

We love a challenge and matching metals to a specific brief is something that we love to do.  The vast range of options available is one of the many reasons why you should choose LIQMET coatings.

So contact us if you would like a special metal colour created just for you.  Email or telephone +612 4285 9091.

We love to hear from you.


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