How to Use Wall Finishes to Create a Unique Ambiance

April 12th, 2021

Today, we'd like to share some ideas for using LIQMET® liquid metals in interior design for professional interior designers, business owners, applicators and homeowners. The key to an effective interior design is harmony and balance. An empty wall can be as effective as a wall with pictures. This looks neat and creates an illusion of space.
Wall finishes are a crucial factor in interior design as they can enhance and create a specific ambience. Liquid metal on walls adds an X-factor and exudes a timeless class. In fact, a liquid metal-coated wall is an art itself that does not need any additional wall décor. They are perfect for hallways to lessen maintenance tasks such as dusting and cleaning. On the other hand, hanging wall arts gather clouds of dust and are somewhat cluttering to look at when not used right.
Liquid metals added to wall décor results in a distinctive elegance, especially when applied to decorative plasters, accent decor on cement and Venetian plasters. Below are some of the best examples of such applications courtesy of our distributor in Germany. These guys have been with us since 2005 and tried all possible uses of liquid metals. They have applied liquid metal on walls of luxurious homes and in commercial establishments.
The high adhesive property of LIQMET® also allows its use in areas with a high amount of traffic. Just take a look at these three projects done by our German partners. They love to use our brush viscosity and apply it with a trowel.
LIQMET® liquid metals are suitable to apply on substrates like gyprock, medium density fibreboard (MDF), plywood, Fibro Cement etc. Our products are ideal for homeowners, DIY enthusiasts and professionals. You don't need any complicated or expensive equipment and tools. A regular paint brush and trowel will do an excellent job in adding a texture to the surface. You can also use any tools used in Venetian plastering. Try to experiment with LIQMET® viscosities to create textures.
The best finishes from the LIQMET range are Modern (flawless and glossy), Sublime (unblemished and smooth matte surface), Alternative (patterned), Old Cast (antique) and Volcano (rustic with a smooth appearance). These finishes are easy to make on a vertical surface using simple tools like a brush, a trowel or a roller.
To further understand the type of metal finishes you can create with LIQMET®, we'd like to invite you to our upcoming 2-day face-to-face training. This training is for you if:
  1. You want to provide a better service than your competitor;
  2. You want to improve your knowledge of the types of metal finishes;
  3. You have no idea or still in doubt about using liquid metals; and,
  4. You want to fast track your knowledge and skills armed with relevant information we have gathered within our 20 years in the industry.
Stop hesitating and let your creativity flow. Attend our FREE training and start creating with LIQMET® liquid metals.


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