Our warranty for liquid metal surfaces

September 23rd, 2020

LIQMET first obtained positive results on the production and use of liquid metals 20 years ago.

 After our employees and clients applied decorative coatings as trial projects, we immediately asked how we could confirm the quality of the materials and ensure the professionalism of applicators.


 For this, we developed a quality control system with the following main parameters:

- Appearance and tactile sensations (cold to the touch)

- Adhesive properties

- UV Resistance

- Durability

- Weather resistance


To verify this system, we conducted special tests to simulate accelerated weather conditions on the streets of Sydney. After a simulated 30 years, we are proud to provide the following results:

- Appearance – no visible changes

- Adhesive properties – no delaminating

- UV Resistance – no colour or structure changes

- Durability – no visible scratches, etc

- Weather resistance – appropriate to real casting without waterproofing and no changes with waterproofing.


Based on these results, as well as analyses of competitors, LIQMET offers a 30-year general warranty for liquid metals, unlike our competitors’ five- or ten-year warranties. With our 30-year warranty for a properly applied metal finish, we guarantee you’ll have no problems with surface cracking, peeling, blistering, chalking, substrate separation or corrosion for an entire generation!

 In addition to the tests above, we are confident in our long warranty through the results of these additional tests conducted by both our employees and customers:

- Laser cutting – 100% positive result

- High-speed cutting – no delaminating and chips

- Fire-retardant test – five minutes of straight flame

- Cast samples – withstood 50 years in an accelerated test

 Our warranty is subject to two simple conditions. We want to know where our materials will be used, and we want to know who will apply it.

 That second condition can seriously affect the application quality and alter the durability of our metals. To help our clients properly prepare, apply and polish surfaces for specific projects, we have created a technical support line with experts ready to help solve any problems throughout the process. We also developed a two-day program to teach people how to use LIQMET coatings correctly within our new 400m2 training centre.

 All of these results, along with our 20 years of production of liquid metals and thousands of completed works around the world allow us to proudly claim that LIQMET maintains the highest quality standards in the industry.


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