Laser Cutting and Liquid Metal Coatings

September 23rd, 2020

In another recent story, we were approached by the director of the Australian representative office of Trotec, which manufactures and sells professional laser cutters for signwriters and furniture manufacturers, to name a few. To date, they are Australia's largest supplier of such equipment and related materials. In addition to equipment, Trotec also produces PVC plastic panels for use in the signwriting industry.

Trotec wanted to provide its customers with luxury metal panels that did not look cheap and felt that the best solution was the newest panel covered by Liqmet metal coatings. Trotec company decided to conduct a series of tests by preparing several samples and covering them with various LIQMET metals and textures using multiple application techniques. They thrust them under a laser knife in excitement. And nothing....

Even the samples on which our metal was applied without preparation underwent laser cutting without a single chip or delaminating.

The photo shows that the surface around the cut has no damage. This result surprised not only our partners, but also ourselves. PVC plastic panels covered in our liquid metal coatings can be cut without damage. Isn’t it good!

However, we recommend to cut panels before metal application because the edges after cutting will be uncoated in metal finish.


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