How to Apply LIQMET Metal Coatings?


There are number of ways how LIQMET metal coatings can be applied by:

  • a brush,

  • a roller,

  • a spatula or

  • a spray gun, or you can create your own way of application.

Since our metal coatings are supplied are in ready to use condition, it will not take much time to mix together Part A and Part B. So you can concentrate on finishes and textures what you want to create. If you don’t know what is LIQMET metal coating system please click here.

How to Apply a Spray Viscosity?

It’s not necessary what a spray viscosity should be applied by a spray gun only. It’s worth to try different tools for the application and find an easy, quick and a probably unique way to do the application. Due to our coatings don’t have any toxic smell it’s very pleasant to work with.

The spray viscosity can be applied with very thin layer of material. It reduces amount of material and it’s very cost-effective. But be careful dramatic reducing of the thickness will not allow you to sand the dry surface without cutting through.

The spray viscosity is also good for the application in to moulds by a spray gun or even by a brush. It will guaranty that you will not miss any spot. The best results with a spray gun and the spay viscosity can be achieve with human face sculptures. The adhesive property of liquid metal and ability to hold on vertical surfaces (thixotropic) are very good. It lets to cover inverted surfaces without licking no matter that metals are heavy substance.  

How to Apply a Brush Viscosity?

A brush viscosity has a thick consistency, very close to mash potato. It will allow unlimited thickness – 1-10 cm or more. Moreover, there aren’t settling (dimension changes) and cracks when the surface dry. If you’re thinking how to reduce the amount of material for the application for cost-effectivity of your projects you should consider the application by a spatula which let you spread material with a coverage reduced down to 500 gr per sqm. But the final result will look like solid cast surface with a cold touch.

Other important thing:

All our liquid metals can be mixed together to adjust the colour if you want to create something unique and new. Also you can mix viscosities together to find the proper viscosity for your project.

Besides, during the application 2 or more metals and both viscosities can be used at the same time. We show this method during our training session. Learn more about our training

We have a standard range of decorative coatings which usually stay at temperature range no more than 100 degree. However, if the surface reaches more than 100 degree we can offer you a fire retardant metal coatings which have the similar metal colours. Explore our metals range click here

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Some examples of the application techniques can be found on our Youtube channel.