Liquid Metal Coatings


What is Liquid Metal?

Liquid Metal is a range of sprayable and brush-able real metals in liquid form that can be applied to any surface, in any environment. It is made from real metal, so is suitable for both indoor and outdoor projects.

What does Liquid Metal mean for me?

Liquid Metal means you can achieve your decorative design visions with numerous benefits in comparison to actual metal. Being able to make any surface look like real metal means what would normally be unachievable is now a thing of the past.

A lot of barriers are lifted, as materials like timber, plastic and plaster can be used with much less restraint than metal. Liquid Metal means your imagination is the limitation.

  • No special location or equipment required to use Liquid Metal

  • Largely reduced costs

  • No metal manufacturing difficulties

  • Reduced complications with weight and fixture options (i.e. Liquid Metal applied to MDF vs. metal sheeting)

  • Versatility of materials (i.e. Liquid Metal applied to a fiberglass statue vs. casting a statue with metal)

  • Damage repairability (repair of Liquid Metal can be done on site without removal, unlike a dent in metal)

Using Liquid Metal does not compromise your project.

You will think that since you are swapping out your metal material for a Liquid Metal coated material, there must be compromises that are made. Not quite. Since Liquid Metal is made from real metal, it is real metal. It has the ability to oxidise (if desired), is 100% waterproof (by request), is UV resistant, resistant to chemical reactions and is non toxic.

Remember, if you do need to use metal for your project, you can still coat it with Liquid Metal to achieve the authentic aesthetic you want.


LIQMET has given me many opportunities to realise my clients' designs as the product replicates metal finishing so accurately.
I have been able to use it in applications that would not have even been considered previously.